• Dr. Phallon Doss , Au.D.

    Doss Audiology, Texas

    Even though I have an established practice, I appreciate the feedback I receive from independent consultants. A fresh set of eyes on your clinic can make all the difference between a practice that is just surviving, and one that is thriving! Working with Decibels 180 was an amazing experience. After my modules, my practice revenue increased 45%! I may be an “expert” on Physician Marketing, but the Decibels 180 team helped identify additional areas for growth in my practice and gave me the tools to capture those opportunities. I followed their programs faithfully and both myself and my staff found the processes to be intuitive and easy to implement. If you are serious about building not just a successful practice, but a profitable practice, Decibels 180 is a no-brainer!

  • Dr. Gyl Kasewurm , Au.D.

    Professional Hearing Services, Michigan

    If you are struggling with your practice, I highly recommend Decibels 180. I’ve watched Mark and April take their practice from fine to fabulous. The Decibels 180 team will share their business savvy to help you create a successful practice.

  • Caleb Rhodes , IL-HIS KY-HIS

    Rhodes Centers for Better Hearing, Illinois

    April and Mark and the Decibels 180 team are great. To be honest, I think the main thing they have helped me with is the motivation to implement the parts of my marketing plan that I have been neglecting. It’s nice for someone to hold you accountable and help motivate you to implement your best practice marketing strategies and layered marketing technique. April is great at motivating people to do what they need to, which is something I greatly value. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and few people deliver on the promise to actually help you grow. Honestly, I signed up with her because she is a friend. However, I can say that she and Mark have increased my bottom line by over $150,000.

  • Denise Kopecki , BC-HIS

    Texan Renew Hearing Center, Texas

    Having known April and Mark for several years, I watched their private practice business flourish and wondered: “What is their secret?!?” Now, with Decibels 180, they share all of that information and more, specific to your practice and local area to help your practice grow.Though being your own boss comes with many rewards, it also has so many stresses that no one talks about. Decibels 180 will help you through those humps and will keep you on task to see immediate returns and growth for your practice. Their on-site visit has been the most helpful thing I have ever had done! They got in here and helped make my office so much more practical and efficient. Thank you Decibels 180!

  • Brian Quigley , HIS

    House of Hearing, Utah

    Decibels 180 is a great program to help your business flourish. It helped my staff learn to interact with patients in a way that expressed our utmost care and appreciation as well as making the most out of every phone call, walk-in, and appointment set up.

  • Dr. Kristen Keener , Au.D.


    Before I started working with Decibels 180, I knew I was doing some things right, but had a cloud hanging over me with all of the things I knew I was not tending to properly. Phallon Doss’ Insurance and Billing Basics course was simply amazing and I know the experience will forever change the trajectory of my practice. I feel like I got my money’s worth after week one! Following the Insurance and Billing Basics course, I then completed a Practice Assessment course with Mark and April Royan. I am so excited about our future now. A weight has been lifted and now I can move forward with confidence – I have a plan for growth, as well as personal and professional balance! I loved my experience with Decibels 180! Thank you, thank you!

  • Katie Gamerl , Au.D.

    Norfolk Audiology

    When we decided to grow our practice, I realized that we needed some professional help. I found Decibels 180 and Dr. Gosalia provided us with specific recommendations and fantastic resources, tailor-fit for our practice. It was great to work with someone who is so passionate and knowledgeable about the business side of Audiology. I now have so much more confidence that our business will be a huge success. Thank you so much to Dr. Gosalia and the Decibels 180 team!

  • Christine Pickup , Au.D.

    Mt. Harrison Audiology

    Several months ago I realized that I needed help getting new employees trained. I had worked through a buying group and spent six months basically spinning our wheels… spending lots of time and training, nothing changed and it wasn’t personalized for our practice and it wasn’t what we needed. I was finally able to find April Royan and Decibels 180. Within three weeks they had us whipped into shape with a really thoughtful, personalized approach to helping our front office to do their very best. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for us and they are worth every penny!

  • Jesse Lynch

    West Michigan Hearing Services

    The Decibels 180 training was an entirely different experience from any other training I have received. Dr. Gosalia always provided good insight to the areas I was struggling in, and I felt a new level of confidence walking up to greet patients for their appointment. This led to noticeable improvements in my patient interaction and resulted in more successful fittings. I would recommend their services for anyone looking to strengthen their connections with their patients and improve the culture of their practice.

  • Blaise Delfino

    Audiology Services

    In September of 2017 I had the opportunity to attend the Summit conference at Starkey Hearing Technologies in Minnesota. While at the conference I had the opportunity to hear April Royan speak on one of the panels. Following her panel discussion I had the opportunity to speak with her about my decision to enter private practice. As a new clinician it’s so important to take advice from people who have what you desire, and learn from them. While I great up learning about the hearing health care industry, I made it a conscious effort to seek unbiased mentorship. The consultants at Decibels 180 provide genuine interest in assisting you, the private practice clinician, grow your practice. What I have found that works the most is to remain or become coachable. Become the best version of yourself and the best clinician you can become. It not only benefits you, it most importantly it benefits your patients.

  • Jana Emola-Austin , Au.D.

    Allison Audiology

    I recently completed the Reporting and Data Collection course. Debra was fantastic to work with and I learned so much. She does a great job of taking a birds eye approach to your practice, then breaking down each point into its components and showing you what you need to look for and track. I highly recommend this course for anyone in private practice, no matter how long you’ve been in practice or how many locations you have. Debra not only helped me know what to look for, but more importantly, once I collected all the data, helped me to understand what I could learn form it and do with it. Do yourself a treat and sign up for this course today!

  • Tiffany Ahlberg , Au.D., CCC-A

    Ahlberg Audiology

    I highly recommend Decibels 180. We had a very slow quarter and needed guidance. I considered a buying group but did not want to join a group that could cost as much as extra employee for a year when all I needed was a little tweaking. I talked to April Royan and Amit Gosalia and knew that this class was a must. Amit was very knowledgeable and professional. He has extensive knowledge on growing and managing a private practice. It is nice having someone else look at the practice and identify the areas that need improvement and provide ideas and tools to improve. I am very glad that I took the class and am excited to see how my business grows as a result.

  • Kayla Wilkins , Au.D., CCC-A

    Aspire Hearing & Balance

    As a newer practice owner and being open for 2 years, my practice was growing but I knew there were lots of things that could be run more efficiently and improved. As soon as I reached out to Decibels 180, April immediately was ready to help and assist in anyway she could. April and Mark helped work with me on anything and everything to do with my practice from marketing to scheduling to audiology assistants to cost of goods to KPIs. It was so great to get so much information and training from people just like me who are now super successful and happy. I am implementing new ideas daily. I am executing my marketing plan now that I know better ways of how to do it. I am getting out into the community to meet with other physicians, 55+ communities, and more. I have hired an audiology assistant where I was originally nervous about doing so. This was all helped put in motion by working with April and Mark from Decibels 180. I would highly recommend new or seasoned owners who want to continue to grow their practices or just become even better and more efficient to do some trainings with Decibels 180! It was a great experience all around!

  • Richard Lazich , Au.D.



  • Dr. Gina Geissler and David Tolliver

    Dr. Geissler's Hearing Center

    April and Mark’s problem solving skills have provided our business with a quick pathway to accurate solutions.

  • Gina Flores , Au.D.

    Atlas Audiology, Texas

    There are so many things we do not think of when we decide to take that leap of faith and open up our own practice. April and Mark will ask you those hard-to-answer questions that make you think. They do this because they love and care about our profession and want to share their success with others. If you are just starting out or looking for a change in how your practice is run, this is the company to call.

  • Rachel Garcia

    Advanced Hearing Center

    In the past, we have failed at hiring and successfully turning new employees into successful members of the team. After receiving negative feedback from multiple previous new hires and facing crisis mode of needing to hire 3 PCC’s at the same time, we knew we needed outside help. Our practice requires high performing employees in a busy practice setting, so we were desperately searching for assistance with hiring, onboarding, and training. After a short discussion with April at Decibels 180 about our needs, she paired us up with Phallon Doss, Au.D. to provide training with our team. We met Phallon in person at the AudBoss Summit and she has been inspiring to work with throughout this process. Phallon had a tough job of keeping us on task and holding us accountable weekly, but she pushed us through and helped us reorganize our protocols, provided us with valuable templates, and then assisted us with implementing everything into action. We successfully hired 3 new PCC’s during this training period with Phallon’s assistance of reviewing resumes, where she taught us how to do a very thorough search to know as much as possible about who we are hiring. Plus, she walked us through step-by-step on how to handle the first few weeks and months with the new employees. So far, we are thrilled with 2 of the new hires and see a very promising future with them being a part of our organization. Thanks to Phallon and Decibels 180, we are definitely on the right track now and actually have a more formal onboarding and training process set up. Thank you for helping us eliminate a stressful area in our practice!!!

  • Rivka Strom , Au.D.

    Advanced Hearing NY

    It has been a great experience working with Decibels 180. The consultants are dedicated to helping audiologists grow their businesses in ways that exceed our expectations. We worked closely with Dr. Amit Gosalia and were impressed by his extensive knowledge of business practice in the hearing industry. In addition to being a highly respected audiologist, he is business saavy and has helped many private practice owners bring their practice to a whole new level. We would highly recommend Amit and the Decibels 180 team to anyone looking to grow their business.

  • Melissa Karp , Au.D.

    Audiology & Hearing Services of Charlotte

    Coming Soon!

  • Jackie Napoli , Au.D.

    Concierge Hearing Care

    Coming Soon!