Best Practices

Many practices have growing pains on the journey from one provider (usually the owner), to multiple providers. As business owners, we just know what to do. But how do you pass down that knowledge and empowerment to your employees? The answer is simple: you must have a process for everything. Successful process is built around best practices.


Get a head start.

Best practices are determined by trial and error. We’ve learned from the trials, and suffered from the errors, so you don’t have to!

And, boy, have we made some errors along the way! Does it work to hand-deliver customized chocolate bars to every patient the day after their hearing aid dispense? It does not… but it does make a mess!

Does it work to partner with your local florist to send flowers to these same folks? It does.

This is just one of example of the many, many decisions you will make on your journey to defining your practice and the processes that define your success. Get ready to see amazing results just by doing fewer things better!

  • Tailoring the Patient Journey
  • Clinical Office Protocol
  • Converting Calls to Appointments
  • Converting Appointments to Sales
  • Product Training
  • Fitting Strategies
  • Tested Not Sold Tactics
  • Return for Credit Reduction and Re-engagement
  • Making the Most of Battery Sales
  • Hearing Aid Repairs and Extended Warranties
  • Third Party Process
  • Lifetime Patients