We are excited to announce that the 2020 AudBoss Private Practice Summit in Denver is currently moving forward as planned! We have been in touch with The Curtis Hotel and they have assured us that they have many new safety measures and protocols in place. We will be working in conjunction with the hotel to provide personal protective equipment as suggested by Colorado health officials. We will continue monitoring the situation and will make a final decision regarding the schedule of events on August 31, 2020. Should The Curtis inform us that they cannot safely host our group, the conference will move forward in a virtual format.

We understand that some of our sponsors would prefer to sponsor via a virtual format, rather than travel to Denver. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce a hybrid approach to this year’s AudBoss Summit! You can change your sponsorship from “in-person” to “virtual” by filling out the form below on or before July 31st. A virtual sponsorship will allow you to watch your favorite AudBoss presentations from your living room, while we find new and creative ways for you to engage with our attendees! We’ve got loads of ideas and we’re happy to figure out what would work best for your company! Should you change your registration to “virtual”, don’t forget to cancel your hotel reservation!

If we don’t hear from you before July 31st, we’ll plan to see you in Denver!