We are excited to announce that the 2020 AudBoss Private Practice Summit in Denver is currently moving forward as planned! We have been in touch with The Curtis Hotel and they have assured us that they have many new safety measures and protocols in place, and will comply with all applicable government regulations at the time of the meeting. We will be working in conjunction with the hotel to provide personal protective equipment and meet social distancing requirements as suggested by Colorado health officials at the time of the meeting. We will continue to monitor the situation. Should The Curtis inform us that they cannot safely host our group, the conference will move forward in a virtual format.

We understand that some of our AudBoss family would prefer to attend via a virtual format, rather than travel to Denver. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce a hybrid approach to this year’s AudBoss Summit! You can change your registration from “in-person” to “virtual” by filling out the form below on or before August 31st. Attendees who originally paid $999 to register and who select the “virtual” option on or before August 31st will receive a $250 food and beverage credit (paid via check). Should you change your registration to “virtual”, don’t forget to cancel your hotel reservation!

Per our contracts, the refund window for the conference expired on March 31st, as the hotel, conference center and vendors have already been paid according to those contracts. Much of this is out of our control or ability to change, and it’s always difficult to navigate these contractual commitments and find solutions that feel fair to everyone attending, both physically and virtually. Because of this, we have decided that all paid 2020 AudBoss Summit attendees (physical or virtual) are eligible to receive a $499 voucher (not redeemable for cash) toward registration for the 2021 AudBoss Private Practice Summit. The 2021 Summit will be announced and registration will open on or about October 1, 2020.

Finally, we want to assure you that we’ve heard the call to make AudBoss 2020 better than ever, and we’re working hard to “wow” you with incredible speakers and events! We’ll have loads of information tailored specifically to private practice owners to flourish and move forward in this new reality. As Henry Kissinger said, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”. Sparkle on, AudBosses! We’ll see you in (virtually) Denver!

Seminar Purchase Agreement - Modification for Virtual Attendance Option

You have chosen to modify your attendance to the 2020 AudBoss Private Practice Summit (the "Seminar") from Decibels 180 LLC, a Florida LLC, pursuant to this agreement.

This election modifies the original terms of your purchase to attend the Private Practice Summit (https://www.decibels180.com/audboss-2020-private-practice-summit-denver-co/#terms)

Terms being modified by this election:
  1. Location: As a virtual attendee, you will be entitled to view Summit materials and presentations at the remote location of your choosing.
  2. Duration: Decibels 180 will make Summit materials and presentations available to you within a reasonable time following the conclusion of the Summit. Decibels 180 will notify you, via email, once the materials and presentations are available for viewing. Please be aware that the materials and presentations will only be accessible for a period of 7 days following notification from Decibels 180.
  3. Attendee review: You may be asked, once you've viewed Summit materials and presentations, to provide a review of your experience. Should you participate in the review, you give us permission to post that review, along with your name, picture, and practice name, on our website (www.Decibels180.com) or in any media format associated with Decibels 180.

All other terms including, but not limited to, Refund Policy, Re-use Prohibited, Limitation on Liability, Severability, Prevaling Party Attorneys' Fees, Venue and Governing Law, Seminar Attendance Liability Waiver, remain unchanged.

By checking the box and proceeding with your registration modification you agree to these updates to the terms and conditions