AudBoss 2020 – Cancellation / Refund Request Form

Hey there, AudBoss! We’re so bummed! We’ll miss you at the 2020 AudBoss Private Practice Summit! Please fill out the form below to notify us of your cancellation and request your refund.


  • Is there any flexibility in the refund schedule?
    • No, the refund schedule is based on financial commitments to our vendors.
  • Can I sell my registration to someone else?
    • No, for security purposes admittance is only for the named registrant, is non-transferable and cannot be resold.
  • Can I try to find a “buyer” for my spot to increase my refund amount?
    • No, lanyards will only be printed for named registrants and are not re-printed after the initial purchase. Should you attempt to re-sell your “spot”, the buyer would not have a lanyard and would not be able to attend the event.